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Accelerated Reader is a program that enables guided independent reading practice. It accelerates reading growth for all students, regardless of level of reading achievement. The key to guiding reading practice is information feedback.

It starts with a ST AR Reading evaluation. ST AR Reading is a program that evaluates a student's reading level. This tells us where to start. Students in grades 1 -5 are tested and their individual reading level is determined. From this a points goal is set based on 20 minutes of independent reading a day. Their goal also consists of an average % correct of 85% or higher for every nine week grading period. The 85% average goal is set for every student.

Goals are set at the start of every nine week grading period. Students are tested the first week of school. The first and second nine week period will be the same goal then students will be tested again at the end of the second nine weeks and their goals will be adjusted and remain the same for the third and fourth nine week period. A daily grade is given each nine week period for AR in the student's class and is also a large part of the student's library grade. Achieving the goal is rewarded in several ways. Each nine weeks, rewards are given in the library for reaching their goal, and the most points, the highest average, most improved and most words learned in each class. We have the 100 points club, 250 points club and the 500 points Hall of Fame. You will receive another note during the start of the third nine week period when your student has been retested to inform you of any goal changes.

If you would like to monitor your child's progress, log on to Renaissance Home Connect at http// Then log in using your child's AR

user name and password:

User name:


You can also sign up for email alerts on this page. This will alert you when your child takes a test and what he/she scored on the test. Please remember that a student may only retake one test each nine weeks and it has to be a failed test.

AR straight to your email

On the Renaissance home connect you can quickly and easily set an email alert. You will know every time your child takes a test and what he/she scored on the test. Please take a few minutes to set this up. It's super easy and you will always "be in the know" regarding your child's AR points.

Step 1: go to


Step 2: enter your child's username and password (your child should know both of these)

Step 3: Click login

Step 4: Go to the very top right by your child's name and click on email setup

Step 5: Fill in email information

Please remember that only one AR test for each nine weeks can be retaken and the student has to have failed the test.