Brain Games Club: Will learn and play games that are good for the brain. The sponsor is Mrs. Davis.

Good Samaritan Club: High School club that will do good deeds for groups and people in Indianola. Goal is to share the Love of Christ in our community. It is sponsored by  and is for students in grades 10-12. Members will be required to spend some money in preparation for this club.

Floral Design Club: Students will learn to arrange flowers for presentation. It is sponsored by Mrs. Hodges and a FEE IS REQUIRED.

Investment Club: Students will learn about investing in the stock market. It is sponsored by & a FEE IS REQUIRED.

IA Praise Band: Students will learn and perform Christian music. Students who play or want to play an instrument, students who sing or want to sing, or students interested in learning to run sound equipment, will perform for in and out of school events. It is sponsored by Mr. Mason. No fee is required.

DIY: Students will learn to make things. It is sponsored by Coach Wilson and no fee is required .

HS Science Club: Students will participate in activities and experiments in the field of Science. It is sponsored by Mrs. Makamson and a FEE IS REQUIRED. (Limited to 15-18 HS students)

JH STEM CLUB: Students will make discoveries in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is sponsored by and a FEE IS REQUIRED.

Young Christian Women: Students will participate in devotional activities and Bible study. It is sponsored by Mrs. Domino and no fee is required.

Young Christian Men: Students will participate in devotional activities and Bible study designed for young men. Coach Nester and Coach Wright will sponsor this club and no fee is required.

Bible Journaling Club: Students will be lead in a bible study which includes discussion and journaling (ART). A fee of $20 will be collected to cover the cost of the journaling Bible which the students will keep. It is sponsored by and is limited to 20 members.

Spanish Club: Students will participate in fun activities that will increase their knowledge of the language people and customs. No fee is required. The sponsor is Mrs. Smith.

Home Economics/Bachelor living Club: Students will learn the important everyday skills they need for the future. The sponsor is Mrs. Schlatter and fees will depend on activity.

Scrapbook Club: The Scrapbook club is sponsored by Mrs. Zepponi.